INTENT Design is a house of graphics design, website development and multi-media production. A creative and enchanting art, has kept INTENT and its valued clients enamored for a long time. INTENT Design has grown from its infancy to today’s mature stage by receiving continuous support from its client or as referred by us as Our Strategic Partners. We consider ourselves to be professional associates of our strategic partners, working towards a common goal. INTENT tries to delight its wonderful customers/strategic partners by striving for quality and precision, innovation and taste almost relentlessly.

We cater to the designing needs of people from all over the world as we believe in this globalized age of technology, distance is no barrier. INTENT has been providing focused creative services to the niche market of high value clients from national and international background since its inception in 1998. INTENT offers a wide and diverse range of services from print media to developing dynamic web sites to Media concept development & Multimedia Presentation to developing Corporate Identity Materials among others to fulfill different needs of our partners that may arise overtime and thus enable them to work with the same team. Committed to core strengths, INTENT developed its professionalism and workman expertise over time. INTENT acquired latest infrastructure, learned techniques, and developed human resources and still continuing to do so, to remain always on top of the fast evolving technology world to serve our strategic partners as best as available in the market. The team at INTENT comprises of committed, non sense professionals who bring an invaluable blend of youth and experience to the organization. Between us, we offer a wealth of in-house creative & technical talent to execute a range of jobs efficiently, imaginatively and quickly in meeting the needs of our partners. It’s about passion and transforming that passion into tangible results for our strategic partners that set us apart from others providing the same kind of services.

Every project undertaken by INTENT has been a great success. INTENT believes this is due to the close working relationships build with its strategic partners, keeping the flow of communication going throughout each project. We regard our partners as a member of our creative and planning team and welcome specific inputs. This ensures that the end result is exactly what the partner wants, expects and needs. INTENT’s emphasis is on quality. It does not unnecessarily rush projects; it thinks and plans them through giving adequate attention and time to each so as to maximize our partners’ satisfaction. On the other hand, INTENT believes punctuality a virtue that is too sacred to be taken lightly. This result in the client’s satisfaction with a high-quality product delivered on time. INTENT Design offers a one-stop-shop solution, which caters to all of partner’s design and marketing needs. INTENT differentiates us from other graphic design firms by focusing on the needs and ability of our partners and thus providing quality services within the promised time-frame. We believe we are in a unique position to serve you right because we have the best combination of affordability and quality.